Long term MROC

  • Would you like to spot trends as they come and go?
  • See how customers are using products, services…?
  • Learn respondents’ opinions before making the purchase, during and afterwards? Find out if they regret their choice or would make the same decision next time?
  • Get to know detailed Customer Experience of your target group?
  • Discover their problems, needs, language they are using… and simply get to know better your customers?

Long-term Community is an approach that enables an ongoing research focusing on topics important to respondents. It creates a sense of bonding between Community members, who share more in-depth and reflective insight compared to shorter-term qualitative research techniques. Marketers are able to see the world from the target group’s point of view.

  • An important factor constituting a Long-term Community is a discussion on topic that is important to all participants.
  • Respondents are encouraged to contribute their own content on community topics, whether in the form of discussions, blog entries, video journals or other multimedia.
  • The platform is well-suited for gathering quick ad-hoc insights at relatively short notice. Straw polls and discussion topics can be swiftly asked of the community

Long-term Community is an approach especially useful in such areas as: exploring attitudes and behaviours, insight generation, testing social media strategy and tactics, trend spotting, directional insight when timing is critical, campaign development, logo or packaging design, problem identification etc.

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