Meet the Team


Managing Director

A one man band; has as many tasks as dreads on his head; looks after the company development, coordinates marketing, cultivates relationships with key Clients, supervises qualitative and MROC research – and can choose music from different genre to each of these tasks; outside of the office you can meet him in a café, cinema, on a playground, always with headphones and Kindle in his backpack.

Mobile: +48 664 050 993


Director of Qualitative Department

In research projects he’s tireless in asking “why?“, “what for?“ and “how?“, being given the best example by his three kids; aside from managing a team of researchers and a network of fieldwork partners, he creates offers, conducts projects, works on business development and … still moderates! He also likes heavy paperbacks, kayaking, and working from a local café more than from the office…

Mobile: +48 661 014 846


Senior Project Manager

A numbers, statistics, and advanced and complex research processes expert, manages Polish and international quantitative projects; her natural curiosity is appeased not only by asking questions, analysing data and discovering relations, but also by reading books and traveling; Legia Warszawa fan; likes cinema, especially B-movies, at least once a month goes to football games and on average 100 times per year to the cinema.




A born moderator, before he started talking with consumers in focus studios, he listened to their problems as barman and barista; works on qualitative projects, so he’s often away – which is something his dog simply cannot understand; a DIY-man, can renovate a flat on his own; on vacation he goes into wilderness without reception, where he can play his guitar in peace, because nobody will turn Spotify on.



Community Manager

A Digital Native, teaches the team the proper use of emoji in every situation; follows the news in various topics, from gossip to space research, so she knows everything about anything and can share common ground with everybody; in MASMI responsible for conducting community studies; a fan of Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe and rock music from the 90., that is her pre-school years.