Co-creation MROC

  • Would you like to receive constant feedback from a specific target group and be able to verify ideas for new product development?
  • While creating or improving your products, would you like to collaborate with its regular users, experts on given topic or simply people who are in your target group?
  • Would you like to learn your current and potential clients’ opinions when determining a product’s packaging, price, distribution channels and other marketing-mix elements?
  • Would your company like to be perceived as open (to new solutions, ideas, fresh angles of people outside of your company) and client-oriented (according to customer-centric approach)?
  • In the new product development process does your company use or would like to use Design Thinking approach – a method of creating new products and services basing on a thorough understanding of clients’ problems and needs?


Co-creation Community is:

  • an ongoing study carried out with a fixed group of respondents: brand’s heavy users or experts
  • who are an extension of marketing or R&D departments,
  • supporting these departments during every step of new product development.

Co-creation is a community study that helps to find answers to research questions regarding new product / service development (from insight generation to advertising campaign creation).

Co-creation Community differs from traditional New Product Development research in its continuity (the study can last a few months with the same participants) and using online tools. Respondents can send pictures, audio and video recordings, share graphics from the Internet…

Co-creation Community results in creation of products and services based on a thorough understanding of clients’ problems and needs.

The added value is perceiving your organization as client-oriented and open to innovations by every person involved in the research process.

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